i gotta have wings for a reason
My name is Tabitha and I like Some Girls, Brooklyn 99, Power Rangers, the Marvel/DC Universe, and defending latinx royalty

                                hombres lobo

make me choose > firefly or angel?

movies you hate, but i love | speed racer (2008)

"You guys accept me for who I am! I’m insane and crazy."


Ron & Hermione or Harry & Ginny {asked by anonymous}

Anonymous: "I think we can all agree that quality-wise the show really took a nosedive in S3 (and I have many thoughts on why)" - I'm really interested in that, would you mind talking a bit more about it?


I have a lot of theories. They’re all wild conjecture. :D But if you look at the writing credits for the various seasons, I think you can see where some of the problems may be happening.

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Meredith shamelessly appreciating men


Favorite Character Meme: Character Traits - Protective / Aggressive [2/5] 


having or showing a strong wish to keep someone or something safe from harm.// ready or likely to attack or confront.

Actual angel Tyler Posey

"I’m a sister, I’m a daughter, I’m a warrior. People think that I’ve got myself together but I’m actually still a work in progress.”

"We had this christmas tree and one time we were having people come over and Hoechlin picks up the christmas tree and he starts bringing it into his room. Me and Posey were like ‘What are you doing?!’ He’s like, ‘We’re having people over, I’m moving the tree into the room so it doesn’t get damaged.’ And I was like, ‘It’s not going to get damaged, what are you talking about, we’re not going to touch the tree.’ And he’s like, ‘Alright, you just gotta promise that you don’t break the tree.’" — Dylan O’Brien 


Oh Michael… bad boy


same guy who said this

he’s my fucking hero


white vs latino moms waking up their kids